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Discussions about, ideas concerning and analysis of various belief-systems, be they scientific, religious, new-age, philosophical, or any other belief-system.

It might at first appear that scientific belief-systems are independent of belief, but as many will appreciate, science progresses by questioning existing paradigms (beliefs, 'facts' etc).

There are some rudimentary processes that enable analysis of belief-systems, irrespective of their nature.
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The underlying cause of woke, cancel culture, and the need for mavericks and matrons

Imagine that you are the most creative, the most talented, the strongest, the bravest, or the most compassionate person among those you know, or know of.

Perhaps you’ve gained a medal at a recent Olympic Games, after years, or decades of training and discipline. Your successes, your resolve, your discipline in the face of adversity, have instilled in you a can-do attitude that empowers you, enabling you to push through difficulties, come what may.

Imagine though, that at some point you start identifying with some group. What would happen? If you primarily identify with a group – be it race, gender, age, spiritual – you immediately diminish yourself. You can no longer be the most creative, or the most compassionate, or the bravest. You can at best be the average of the group, since the group can only be known by its average, by its perceived reputation, by its perceived degree of, or perceived lack of compassion, strength, honesty, and creativity.

Even if you belong to some elite group, that group can’t fully reflect your unique ...

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Introductory video: The Dynamics of Gender and Life

Introductory video providing insight into various phenomena – e.g. the impetus toward "woke" or cancel culture; gender fluidity; the gender pay gap – using basic principles from the field of quantum physics.

Based on the book "The Dynamics of Gender and Life: Timeless Principles of Quantum, Fractal and Natural Phenomena, and Human Social Dynamics” ISBN 978-0-9578537-6-8

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Additional commentary at

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Time stamps

0:14 Subtitle too complicated
0:35 Overview of topics covered (scroll through index)
0:58 Gender issues covered, plus other fields: science, religion, psychology
1:31 Intro to SOS model; wave-particle duality of quantum physics
2:25 Paradox of possible with actual central to creativity, well-being, achievement
3:13 Other ...

Basic principles

Task: Take everything about life and boil it all down to some basic principles, in order to give us a 'map', or a set of guidelines, a basic blueprint, with which to live life.

Those boiled-down root principles would need to accommodate science, religion, new-age philosophies, politics, psychology, art, cosmology, sociology, and any other fields of human experience and knowledge.

Those root principles would also need to accommodate our personal experiences, our dreams, fears, intuitions, etc.

What are those root principles?

One is revealed by the science of quantum mechanics, in concert with that of our personal experiences.

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